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Drug rehab for Teens


The family of a suffering individual is an intricate part of the recovery process.  A lot of healing needs to take place within the entire family and the process starts here.  Our programs at Drug Rehab for Teens are designed to promote a healthy family environment and healthy relationships.  Parent and family participation is encouraged inside of our programs to ensure the best recovery you and your loved one.

Understanding alcoholism and addiction is important for families when dealing with an alcoholic or addict.  Drug rehab for Teens offers 24/7 parent and family support.  Our addiction specialists and counselors have guided the healing process amongst families for over 20 years.

“Parents supporting parents can be just as impactful as young men working with their peers.  Our alumni families and family supporters of Drug Rehab for Teens have volunteered to support other parents and family members dealing with an addict/alcoholic.  We are extremely grateful for the continued support of both our alumni and their families.” Avinash Satz, Outreach Coordinator

Twelve-Step support groups are also available to help families of alcoholics and addicts.  We strongly recommend attendance at Al-Anon meetings and Alateen (for young Al-Anon members).  Al-Anon members share their experience, strength, and hope in working with the alcoholic/addict and engage in their own self-healing program as outlined in the Twelve-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We would be glad to connect you with our family support network.  If your struggling with a loved one and you’re not sure how to help, you don’t have to do it alone.  Contact us today, we’d be glad to help.


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