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Sober Companion

Drug Rehab for Teens


Sober companions are addiction specialists that provide one-on-one assistance and support to newly recovering alcoholics and addicts.  Sober companions are available to stay by their client’s side 24 hours a day.  A relationship between a client and sober companion can last for days, weeks, or months.  A sober companion will help their client stay sober, handle life-situations, and make good decisions.  Recovery is not a process that can be done alone.  Opting to receive assistance from a sober companion can allow an individual to build a strong foundation for recovery and learn how to live life sober from an addiction specialist.

Sober companions are ideal for those new in recovery that have obligations or schedules that must be met, but still need support (such as those working in a professional or entertainment field).  Usually, a sober companion supports their client 12-24 hours daily.

Sober companion rates vary depending on the specific needs that are requested.  The assistance provided by a sober companion can vary from 24 hours a day to being present only during specific situation or events.

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