Outpatient Programs

Outpatient Programs

Drug Rehab for Teens


Outpatient Programs provide treatment options for adolescents, adults and, their families. Recovery is achieved through group therapy, individual counseling, and family group sessions. Outpatient programs are typically hospital programs that do not require inpatient care.  Patients participate in outpatient programs on a daily or weekly basis.  Patients are usually given assignments and required to complete tasks while away from the facility.  While attending an outpatient program, individuals are held accountable and expected to work the program that is outlined for them.

Although residential programs attract more national attention, outpatient programs are responsible for helping countless numbers of people find sobriety.  Outpatient programs can be more affordable than residential programs. Outpatient programs also allow a patient be present for their academic, family, and career obligations.

An outpatient program is a great introduction to the treatment of alcoholism and addiction for individuals and their families. Most programs have selective treatment plans designed to work within specific age groups and genders.  In many cases, outpatient programs build the foundation of an individual’s recovery.  Outpatient programs are designed to assist those that do not need inpatient care.  If an individual finds that they need more attention and structure than offered at an outpatient program, an inpatient program may be more suitable.

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