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Legal Assistance

Drug Rehab for Teens


If you or your loved one was recently arrested or has an open court case that you need legal assistance with, Drug Rehab for Teens can help.  Whether you’re seeking a lawyer or a drug treatment program that helps you with your court case, our staff will assess your legal situation at no cost.

Drug Rehab for Teens is committed to help fulfill any legal obligations that one may have while participating in our programs.  Our staff members have worked with the courts many times in the past and are willing to conduct any verbal or written reports needed and drug testing if requested.  Sober escorts provide our clients with transportation to and from court appearances.  This not only ensures safe traveling, but emotional support to aid those working through legal issues. 

“I was terrified when I found out my son had been arrested.  Drug Rehab for Teens  got me connected with an a great attorney and helped my child enter treatment rather than serve time.  It felt to good to work with an attorney that understood the best interests for my son.  Both our attorney and Drug Rehab for Teens spent the time to walk us through my son’s case and help him get on the right path of recovery.” Cammi B. – Chicago, Illinois

Dealing with the courts is a scary and nerve wrecking process.  You don’t have to deal with it alone.  Drug Rehab for Teens will assist you at no cost with assessment and referrals for attorneys.  Feel free to contact us.

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