Drug Rehab for Teens


We can help you design a plan for recovery that is tailored to support your teens’ individual needs.  Our goal is to help your child achieves success, becomes goal orientated, and feels good about who they are.  We are here to help individuals recover successfully and develop healthy relationships with the people in their lives.


Treatment Options


Outpatient Programs

Individuals participating in an outpatient program generally continue living at home, going to work, attending school, and meeting their family responsibilities.  Throughout the week, individuals in an outpatient program engage in regular outpatient program services, learn how to live clean and sober, and apply what they learn in treatment in their career, academic, and family settings.
Drug Rehab for Teens – Outpatient Programs


Sober Companionship

Sober companions offer constant, caring, and encouraging attention to individuals new to recovery or freshly out of an inpatient treatment program.  Sober companions assist individuals in preventing relapse, adjusting to life outside of treatment, and building a solid foundation for the rest of their recovery.
Drug Rehab for Teens – Sober Companionship


One-on-One Counseling

One-on-One counseling can help a recovering individual address the psychological components of drug addiction.  Individuals get the opportunity to discover the root causes of their drug use and explore solutions to help them stay clean and sober.  One-on-One counseling promotes a healthy mind and spirit and can enhance a recovering individual’s quality of life.
Drug Rehab for Teens – One-on-One Counseling

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